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We are looking for a PhD student candidate to join Diego Orzaez´s lab at the IBMCP-CSIC in Valencia, Spain, with a three years “Santiago Grisolía” scholarship. The successful candidate will work in the Plant Biofactories field, in the frame of the H2020 “Newcotiana” project. The PhD project will involve the development of new plant genome editing tools and their subsequent use to generate improved plant biofactories of the Nicotiana genus.  

In accordance with the specifics of the Santiago Grisolía scholarship, candidates should comply with the following requirements:

1. Possess a university degree, graduate, engineer, technical engineer or equivalent, issued by a non-Spanish institution, in the field that corresponds to the research project to which his contract will be linked (Newcotiana), and have completed those studies later as of January 1st, 2015.

2. Meet the academic requirements necessary for admission to a Spanish PhD program at the time of selection, and be admitted to a PhD program at the time of your recruitment.

3. Possess a knowledge of Spanish or English, at the conversation level, suitable for the development of the research work.

4. Not be in possession of the title of doctor.

5. Not having enjoyed a scholarship or contract of the Santiago Grisolía Program.

 Request for information and applications (CV) can be sent to

 Further information about Santiago Grisolía program (in Spanish) at:

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