Have a look at our tobacco story series:

1. The Farmer Story

A farmer reports about her experience working with the tobacco crop and how it changed over time from an ingredient for cigarettes to becoming a plant factory for all kinds of products.

2. The Scientists Story

A scientists lays out her vision on how tobacco plants could help against the COVID-19 pandemic and other diseases in the future.

3. The Native American Chief Story

A Native American Elder shares his story about the past and present of how tobacco plants have been used.

4. The Historian Story

A historian shares his insights into the history of the tobacco, a plant that has been used in different ways by people for at least 8000 years.

Other Newcotiana videos:

Euronews 'Futuris' video report

Newcotiana scientists explain how plant molecular pharming can help to fight against coronavirus.

Dr Tobacco

Meet Dr tobacco and see how the tobacco plant could help improve your health!

Newcotiana at the Open Cell’s Biodesign Here Now for London Design

Festival 2018. Have a look at the Plant Designer exhibition we designed for Newcotiana in collaboration with Pharma-Factory!