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A farmer, a scientist, a native American chief and a historian share their insights into the uses and history of tobacco 1. The Farmer Story 2. The Scientist Story 3. The Native American Chief Story 4. The Historian Story

Newcotiana makes plant genome public to help fight COVID-19

The SARS-COV-2 virus has caused the largest and most deadly pandemic with COVID-19, since the 1918 Spanish flu. A large number of public and private research groups are working around the clock in a race to develop protein-based diagnostic reagents and vaccines for fighting the pandemic. To help pre-empt production shortfalls, European Union research project...

NEWCOTIANA Newsletter June 2019

The NEWCOTIANA newsletter from June 2019 can now be found here

Dr. Tobacco, the healthy breed!

Meet Dr Tobacco and learn how tobacco can be redesigned to save lives! Taking advantage of cutting-edge molecular breeding techniques, NEWCOTIANA will develop new varieties of tobacco to produce added-value compounds such as antibodies, vaccines and drugs in a sustainable manner.