WP1. Nicotiana biofactory NPBT toolbox

In this WP, new technologies and molecular resources for SSN and intragenesis in Nicotiana will be created, focusing on high efficiency, transgene-free editing and gene targeting. WP1 will produce an improved genome assembly of N. benthamiana and multigenic constructs for subsequent WPs.

WP2. Breeding and evaluation of protein biofactory lines

This WP will breed protein biofactory lines and bring them up to TRL4. The NPBT toolbox will be applied to introduce single trait modules addressing glycosylation, ER stress and protease activity, and later to produce combined traits.

WP3. Breeding and evaluation of metabolite biofactories lines

This WP will breed plant lines as metabolite biofactories. Loss-of-function editions, intragenenic lines and/or promoter allelic variants will be produced, channelling metabolic fluxes towards accumulation of added-value metabolites.  Also, new chemotypes will be created by genome grafting and characterized to identify non-additive metabolic effects.

WP4. Validation and evaluation of Nicotiana biofactories in industrially relevant settings.

Selected plant lines with single and combined trait will be evaluated and validated in relevant environments. For example, hGFs will be evaluated as functional ingredients in pre-industrial cosmetic formulations. Tobacco biomass will be subjected to compatible multi-fractional processes on a laboratory scale and pilot scales.

WP5. Analysis of social perception (SSH), dissemination and communication

This WP will survey public awareness and perception of NPBTs in at least six places across Europe. In response, we will implement a series of innovative communication plans to reach stakeholders, NGOs and general public.

WP6. Exploitation and business strategy

First and second generation business models at the project’s mid-term and end-points will be created. This assessment will include the identification of existing and new markets for the end-products, the size and growth rates, and the strengths and weaknesses of these markets.

WP7. Management and coordination

Project management will also safeguard the optimal management of financial resources and the appropriate treatment of administrative tasks.