Nasz artysta w rezydencji został ujawniony!

Rezydencje rozpoczną się jesienią 2020 r., a zakończą się w maju 2021 r. Odbędą się w dwóch częściach, a dokładne terminy zostaną ustalone z uwzględnieniem harmonogramów artystów i laboratoriów oraz z uwzględnieniem sytuacji w poszczególnych lokalizacjach.

Newcotiana upublicznia genom roślinny, aby pomóc w walce z COVID-19

The SARS-COV-2 virus has caused the largest and most deadly pandemic with COVID-19, since the 1918 Spanish flu. A large number of public and private research groups are working around the clock in a race to develop protein-based diagnostic reagents and vaccines for fighting the pandemic. To help pre-empt production shortfalls, European Union research project...

Dostępne stanowisko doktorskie

We are looking for a PhD student candidate to join Diego Orzaez´s lab at the IBMCP-CSIC in Valencia, Spain, with a three years “Santiago Grisolía” scholarship. The successful candidate will work in the Plant Biofactories field, in the frame of the H2020 “Newcotiana” project. The PhD project will involve the development of new plant genome...

Newcotiana 1. doroczne spotkanie

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Newcotiana 1st Annual meeting  was held on 5 – 6 march 2019 hosted by the PGB Research group of the IBMCP (CSIC-UPV) at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. The meeting was attended by 46 attendees with representatives of all participating institutions and the Advisory Board. In addition to NEWCOTIANA internal reunions, the...

Plant biofactories in the genome engineering era

Plants have been traditionally used as sustainable sources of valuable bioproducts, from aromas to medicines. New breeding techniques as CRISPR/Cas editing, in the context of a deeper understanding of plant genomes, open new opportunities for plant biofactories. Which new products can we expect to be produced in plants in the future? How is this opportunity...

Newcotiana reaches out for the young generations

As part of the dissemination activities NEWCOTIANA partners from CSIC have been leading an  initiative sponsored by Fundació Bosch i Cardellach, in collaboration with Sabadell Municipality (Catalunya, Spain), that has as a main objective to get local  citizens acquainted with the methods scientists use to acquire knowledge. Following the “Christmas Lectures” organized by the Royal...

Newcotiana will be present at the 3rd Meeting of The International Society for Plant Molecular

Newcotiana will be present at the 3rd Meeting of The International Society for Plant MolecularFarming held in Helsinlki, Finland, June 11-13 2018

The Newcotiana kick off meeting took place in Brussels 8-9 February 2018

A total of forty delegates from 19 partner organizations next to project officer and externaladvisors attended to the first meeting of the Newcotiana project. During the kick off meeting,the research and dissemination strategies for the first twelve months of the project wasintensively discussed.